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A title is an updatable set of files that includes a TMD, a ticket, and a content file. While there is support for multiple content files carried from the Wii, all DSi titles only have one content file.

Title IDs

Titles are identified by title IDs, which are 64-bit values that uniquely identify a title (but not the versions). The most significant 32 bits are used to identify the title type, while the least significant 32 bits are a 4-letter ASCII code (game ID).

Title types

There are 5 title types for NAND titles.

Hex type Binary (lower half) Description
00030004 00100 DSiWare
00030005 00101 Built in applications
0003000f 01111 Non-executable data (including WLFIRM)
00030015 10101 System applications (applications that use ES and the System class)
00030017 10111 System Menu

These values correspond to a bit mask.

Hex bit Binary bit Title types Description
1 1 00030005, 0003000f, 00030015, 00030017 System
2 10 0003000f, 00030017 Invisible (SDK function does not allow these titles to be loaded with the System Menu reset mechanism)
4 100 00030004, 00030005, 0003000f, 00030015, 00030017 Stored on NAND (SDK title launch function marks titles without this bit as cartridge titles)
8 1000 0003000f Non-executable data (including WLFIRM)
10 10000 00030015, 00030017 Secure (uses ES and the System class)

Game IDs

Game IDs are 4-character ASCII codes stored in big endian.

The first character in a game ID is the system code. Note that DS titles use A, which is not listed here.

K 4B DSiWare title
H 48 System title - second character is always N to indicate DSi

The last character in a game ID is the region code.

A 41 Region Independent
B 42 Brazil
C 43 China
D 44 Germany
E 45 USA
F 46 France
G 47 Greece
H 48 Belgium / Netherlands (DSiWare Only)
I 49 Italy
J 4A Japan
K 4B Korea
L 4C Canada
M 4D Sweden
N 4E Norway
O 4F USA, Europe and Australia
P 50 Europe (these are usually used for Australia / New Zealand too)
Q 51 Denmark
R 52 Russia
S 53 Spain
T 54 USA and Australia
U 55 Australia / New Zealand
V 56 Europe and Australia
W 57 Multi-Language European Region
X 58 Multi-Language European Region
Y 59 Multi-Language European Region
Z 5A Multi-Language European Region