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CPU date code is not a date code?

The "DSi" section of Hardware Revisions mentions date codes on the CPU. Are we sure this is actually a date code? Under the assumption that the larger the console's serial number the later it was made, I have two consoles that would indicate the "date code" is actually something else as the console with SN TW72... has the code "1032 5m" while SN TW45... has the code "1034 7m"

Any chance of getting a similar shot from the DSLite and PhatDS for comparison?

port next to the headphone jack

Anyone know where this is for? it's on all ds models (not 3ds). There isn't really a dsbrew wiki (not like wiibrew and dsibrew are), so here is the right place for it to talk about. On some places there's mentioned it was also intended for headphone, but so was the Gameboy Advance (SP) extension port, but that one you could also connect to a gamecube, meaning there is definitely more under the hood. Maybe the same counts for the DSi one next to the headphone jack. Has anyone made a pinout for it? You could at least expect some words about it in the hardware article.

cpu speed

ARM11 cpu (319-512 mhz) Really that powerful huh? damm wolfmanz51

Re: cpu speed, and other ARM issues

Actually that would seem to be in error -- we need some better sourcing on this, and some more investigation of the actual specifications of the CPU. According to ARM's own website [1], the DSi contains an ARM7 and an ARM9, much like the original DS (so we'd have to assume that both of those are incorporated into the single chip). I've never seen the claim of ARM11 anywhere except on this wiki.

As for the 133mhz, that does seem to be confirmed -- an employee from Opera who worked on the browser for the system mentions that clock speed in an article here [2]. It's still unclear, however, which processor we're talking about -- I've seen it claimed that it actually has an ARM7 running at 66mhz and an ARM9 running at 133mhz, but no confirmation I can find from a legitimate source.

I would also like to know if there is any real confirmation of the existence of a "compatibility mode" in which the CPU is essentially throttled to half speed. That certainly makes sense, given what we can gather of the CPU's abilities, but I've never seen any source for it.

We really need to sort these basic hardware questions out. --Jwario 15:13, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

Do we? Knowing the exact clock speed doesn't really help us do much. That being said, I have heard confirmation of the compatibility mode from "reliable sources", and that's probably the best you should expect to see for a while. -- Bushing 11:48, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
I hope this helps. Sadly, its the only thing I can find. [3] FMF 04:47, 31 December 2009 (UTC)