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=== News ===
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*'''11 December 12''' Nintendo released [[System Menu 1.4.5]].
*'''21 March 12''' Nintendo released [[System Menu 1.4.4]], updating [[Nintendo_DSi_Camera|Nintendo DSi Camera]], blocking Cooking Coach/Classic Word Games savedata exploits, and blocking flashcards.
*'''25 August 11''' Team Twiizers released the final [ DSiWareHax].
*'''29 June 11''' Nintendo released [[System Menu 1.4.3]] in all regions, blocking flash-cards.
*'''10 May 11''' Nintendo released a new system update, [[System Menu 1.4.2#Global_Update|System Menu 1.4.2]], globally. This blocks flash cards, and [ blocks] copying all current and future DSiWare exploits to "internal memory".(A final Sudokuhax update will be [ released] at same time as the final DSiWareHax mentioned in that post)

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