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== DSi-mode exploits ==
Team Twiizers had relased released a DSi-Mode Exploit mode exploit called [[Sudokuhax]] that loads a homebrew from the SD card in DSi Mode-mode. The exploit requires that you have purchased the EA's Sudoku by EA game. More details and download at: []. Additionally more DSiWare savegame exploits were released for the last time: []. Copying these savegame exploits to NAND via system settings is [[System_Menu_1.4.2#Global_Update|blocked]] on the latest system version.
Team Twiizers also have found a DSi-Mode Exploit mode exploit in cooking coach and have managed to use it to run DSi Mode -mode homebrew. However it has not yet been released. More details at : [] The additional hardware is just required to get a connection to a computer so that things like ram dumps can be created.
Wintermute has made available an open source DSi hack. The exploit works on DSi enhanced games, allowing you to run custom code from a save file. Instructions for using the exploit can be found here: []
If you know of DSiWare that has English-only string input,(high-scores, player name, high-scores that use username from system settings, etc) go The cooking coach and classic word games savegame exploits are [[DSiWare_VulnListSystem_Menu_1.4.4|hereblocked]]on the latest system version.
== DS-mode exploits ==


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