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{{stub}}[[Image:Pictochat.jpg|thumb|320px|This is a Pictochat chat room, but with no other chatters.]] '''Pictochat''', included with all Nintendo DS systems, is a simple chat software capable of sending text and hand -drawn pictures. 
== Changes from previous Nintendo DS systems ==
 Pictochat hasn't been changed much since its NDS and NDSL predecessors. Only two changed have been made. One change is the rainbow pen. You can use the rainbow pen by clicking on the Pen icon to toggle back in forth between the black pen and the rainbow pen. although the NDS and NDSL cannot use this feature they can see the rainbow pen if chatting with a DSi user using the rainbow pen. the other change is that when you exit Pictochat it takes you back to the DSi's homescreen home screen instead of making you shutdown. You may now, only on the DSi system, press the B button in a chat to easily leave the chatroom without tapping the "X" on the top right corner of the touch screen. 
[[Image:pen.gif]][[Image:pictoChatRainbow.png]] [[Image:DSiRainbow.jpg|200px|left|Example of using the rainbow pen.]]
== See also ==
* [[Nintendo Software]]


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