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This list is designed to be a updated collection of current DSi mode homebrew.

Regarding the current state of DSi mode homebrew in general

Except for Sudokuhax, there is currently no practical way to run homebrew in DSi-mode. Save game hacks for hybrid card games exist, but these have severe limitations:

  • The SD slot and NAND flash are inaccessible.
  • The amount of code space is limited to the available space in the game's save file. (A few kilobytes)

DSiWare exploits do not have the above limits.


The Drunken Coder's savegame exploit

This exploit allows DSi homebrew coders to run unsigned ARM asm code in DSi-mode utilizing a buffer overflow in Cooking Coach. The hack can be found here.


This exploit allows homebrew labeled boot.nds in the root of the SD card to be launched upon startup of the DSiware Sudoku game. This hack can be found here


This is User:Scanlime's exploit for Cooking Coach. It works with external hardware to bootstrap larger amounts of C code into system memory. Its primary feature is that it's possible to modify code from the game's ARM9 or ARM7 binaries, then return from the exploit back to the game. This allows insertion of hooks that modify or trace the game's normal behaviour. The code can be found here.


List of DSi Homebrew Applications

Computer applications