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System Menu 1.4 was released on 29 July 2009 in Japan, 30 July 2009 in Europe and in Australia, and 3 August 2009 in the United States.


  • Facebook image upload support in "Nintendo DSi Camera" application. You can now upload selected photos to a Facebook picture album entitled "Photos from Nintendo DSi."
  • New version of Nintendo DSi Browser (Opera 9.50/507)
  • Added the NDHI section to Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist, which specifies specific regions to verify
    • All flashcards blocked. Some flashcarts have been re-enabled via a firmware update for the flashcart.


If you do not update, you can't access the DSi Shop.

Although Nintendo has released a new update in February 2010, verdata still displays as 1.4. This update is optional and upgrades the Nintendo Zone Viewer to version 3.0. Also,when a photo is uploaded to Facebook, it displays "Uploaded from Nintendo DSi" instead of "Uploaded from Facebook Mobile". You can still access the Nintendo DSi Shop if you don't update to the Feb 2010 update.

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