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Title metadata, or TMD for short, is a format used to store information about a title (DSiWare, etc.) and all its installed contents, including which contents they consist of and their SHA1 hashes. The format between Wii and DSi Title metadata appears to be identical.

Many operations are done in terms of 64-byte blocks, which means you will often see padding out to the nearest 64-byte boundary at the end of a field.

Example of a Nintendo DSi TMD : http://nus.cdn.t.shop.nintendowifi.net/ccs/download/0003000f484e4c4a/tmd ("HNLJ", or Japanese Version Data.)

The certificate chain at the end of the file seems to always/usually have a size in bytes of 1792 and a SHA256 of 03CE2468F00D1AAEA52D7193A2312B0FE87ECE72D43381C3B6BD4C57E700CDD7.



Start Length Description
0x000 4 Signature type
0x004 256 Signature
0x104 60 Padding modulo 64
0x140 64 Issuer
0x180 1 Version
0x181 1 ca_crl_version
0x182 1 signer_crl_version
0x183 1 Padding modulo 64
0x184 8 System Version; probably always 0
0x18C 8 Title ID
0x194 4 Title type
0x198 2 Group ID
0x19A 62 reserved
0x1D8 4 Access rights
0x1DC 2 Title version
0x1DE 2 Number of contents (nbr_cont)
0x1E0 2 boot index
0x1E2 2 Padding modulo 64
0x1E4 36*nbr_cont Contents


Start Length Description
0x00 4 Content ID
0x04 2 Index
0x06 2 Type
0x08 8 Size
0x10 20 SHA1 hash


Start Length Description
0x000 4 Signature type
0x004 256 Signature
0x104 32 Issuer
0x124 4 Tag
0x128 64 Name
0x168 Key