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=== News ===
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*'''29 June 1108 November 17''' Nintendo shutterbug2000 re-released [[System Menu Ugopwn, a DSi homebrew exploit with NAND access (and 1.4.3]5 support!!) [ Ugopwn] , first DSi homebrew exploit in all regions, probably blocking flash-cards.AGES*'''10 May 1102 July 17''' Nintendo released a new system update, Apache Thunder announced [[System Menu 1.4.2#Global_Update|System Menu 1.4.2]], globally. This blocks flash cards, and [httphttps://hackmiigbatemp.comnet/2011threads/05/dsiannouncing-rocketlauncher-the-systemfirst-updateexploit-1with-4unlocked-2arm7.476288/ blocksRocketLauncher] copying all current , the first exploit with unlocked Arm7, and future DSiWare exploits to "internal memory".(A final Sudokuhax update will be also the first DSi exploit in years!*'''01 June 15''' Martin Korth released [http://hackmiiproblemkaputt.comde/2011/05/dsi-system-update-1-4-2/ releasedgba.htm no$gba v2.8b] at same time as , allowing to run the final DSiWareHax mentioned whole DSi boot process in that post)the emulator/debugger.*'''24 March 11February 15''' An WinterMute released updated USA Sudoku was [ releaseddslink], which fixed all Sudoku string bugs. On roughly March 30 2011, EUR Sudoku was updatedNow working with [[System Menu 1.4.5]].*'''28 January 11December 12''' 19 and 24 hours after the Sudokuhax release Nintendo released [[http://hackmiiSystem Menu removed5]] EA's Sudoku from the EUR/AU and USA DSi Shop.

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