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'''Q:''' Any progress?
'''A:''' The Dsi DSi Common key has been was found! ages ago by hackers, but was released/leaked to the public in January 2011. Now we can decrypt Dsi DSi specific code, but only system software and '''free''' DSiWare only. And [[Team Twiizers]] has managed to execute some form of unsigned code by directing the save file area of a DSi-mode game to an Arudino chip. This will lead to further - and easier to replicate - exploits, such as Sudohax[[Sudokuhax]]. For people on the latest firware 1.4.5, ther is [[Ugopwn]]
'''A:''' PXI is the TWL SDK inter-processor communication system over the FIFO. FATFS is the TWL SDK Arm7 FAT interface for NAND, SD, etc.
'''Q:''' How does Team Twiizers dump dsiware?
'''A:''' Magic.
'''Q:''' If DSi mode hybrid games have exploit, you are able to boot from sd card, aren't you?
'''A:''' Hybrid card games do not have SD card MMC bus access. We would've used those exploits to boot from SD card ages ago if those had access.

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