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Could be DSi Menu text font, or the stage2 font which shows errors.

This file contains fonts in the NFTR (Nitro font) format, and supports the following character sets:

  • ISO 8859-1
  • ISO 8859-7
  • CP 932
  • CP 1252
  • CP 1253
  • JIS X0201
  • JIS X0208

These fonts come in a large, medium and small size, as seperate embedded NFTR segments.

Nintendo only allows developers to use these fonts for NAND applications. Card applications may not use these fonts. Additionally, the entire file is signed with RSA, which means this file may not be tampered with. The signature contains the hash for the header, which in turn contains hashes for each of the NFTR segments.

The structure can be described as follows:

  • 128 bytes RSA signature
  • 32 bytes header, says how many segments following
  • 64 byte header for each segment
  • NFTR segment data, in sequential order