List of DSi Exploits

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This is a (incomplete) list of homebrew exploits for the DSi. Please help complete this page! You can help by editing this page (click the Edit button in the top right corner of this page). SKCro (talk) 17:09, 17 June 2019 (CEST)

List of Exploits

Flipnote Lenny


This exploit requires that you already have Flipnote Studio on your DSi, as the DSi Shop closed a while ago.


First head here, then near the bottom of the page, download the zip file named "". Then, extract its contents to the root of your SD card (on your SD card, but not inside any folders). Then, eject the card when its done. Insert your SD card into your DSi and launch Flipnote Studio. Make sure the "Start on Calendar" feature is off, or the exploit will fail. If its on, exit the calendar, open the settings menu and turn off "Start on Calendar". Make sure you reboot your DSi afterward. When you've done this, launch Flipnote Studio again (if you need to) and select "View Flipnote" (the large left button). Then, tap SD Card. You should see two flipnotes (or more, but don't worry if there is more than two). If they don't show up, make sure you extracted the files to the SD card the right way. Tap the flipnote with the region of your DSi (along with a Lenny face), then tap Edit. When you are in the editor, tap the little frog in the lower left corner (or press up on the D-pad or X, depending on what is shown on the top screen). Tap the film reel, then tap "Copy". Tap Back, then tap Quit. Back in the list of flipnotes, tap the flipnote with the larger Lenny face, then tap Edit. Once again in the editor, tap the frog, or push up or X, again depending on what is shown on the top screen. Tap the film reel, then tap Paste. (POW!) Your homebrew will load. Enjoy!


WinterMute, fincs, Everyone else who help create Flipnote Lenny (shout me on my talk (User_talk:SKCro) page if you created Flipnote Lenny and you want to be listed!)

Memory Pit

TODO: Fill in description and instructions for the Memory Pit exploit.