The DSi System Menu of Doom.

What I've done:

I've updated to 1.4. I am an idiot. =( Yep, total idiot.... I did it to get Flipnote Studio....

Proof of what a idiot I am:

Version JAP USA EUR AUS KOR Release date Changelog CDN Availability CDN Post Date
1.0 1024 (0x400) X X X X October 22, 2008 First Update to Japanese Region DSi System Menu v1024 (0x400) (JAP Only) October 22, 2008
1.2 1280 (0x500) X X X X December 18, 2008 Second Update to Japanese Region DSi System Menu v1280 (0x500) (JAP Only) December 18, 2008
1.3 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) X Launch Day (USA, EUR, AUS) Added a "start DSi Camera" button [more here] v1536 (0x600) (All Regions) March 25, 2009 (JAP); March 26, 2009 (USA, EUR, AUS)
1.4 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) yet unknown July 29, 2009 (JAP); July 30, 2009 (USA, EUR, AUS) BLOCKS ALL FLASHCARTS [more here] v1792 (0x700) (JAP, EUR, AUS) July 26, 2009 (JAP, EUR, AUS); TBA (USA)