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Revision as of 08:27, 16 July 2022 by Hallowizer (talk | contribs) (suggestion for a warez policy given some recent confusion over a couple pages I marked for deletion)
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(note: this is not an official policy. All pages I have marked for deletion have been because they are in violation of WiiBrew's policies, not these policies. I didn't see a policy anywhere here which I think has caused some confusion recently. I tried to mirror policies from groups like WiiBrew and ReSwitched as much as possible, but ultimately each console is a bit different. This also has several things that should probably be fine tuned.)

  • Don't link ROMs or ROM sites
  • No backup launchers
  • No installable NDS files - this includes installable homebrew (i.e. homebrew on the System Menu instead of within hbmenu).
    • Are NDS files even installable? It looks like there's a tad format that resembles backup WADs, but no idea if those are a thing people install? The first half almost certainly makes no sense.
    • The installable homebrew rule came from the Switch scene, where it's possible to boot homebrew with zero NAND modifications. It probably makes sense for overflowed System Menu TMDs to be allowed, since that yields roughly the same level of homebrew access as the Wii and Switch, and it doesn't load code in the same way installing titles does.
  • No signature patches
    • Technically they would be completely useless if the rest of the rules were in effect, but apps like Unlaunch do include sigpatches for seemingly no reason, and I haven't heard of a way to disable them (although I haven't actually used it, so maybe it's obvious).
  • Flash carts are something to consider as well. Not sure where those would fall.