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(Added link to title update logs. Update scan script isn't run 24/7, and uses HTTP to check updates.)
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I've done some experiment with dsiware and sd card .

First i've got an EU DSI but the cam code seems Japanese because i've found this folder:


HNIJ (484e494a) Nintendo DSi Camera JP

HNIP (484e4950) Nintendo DSi Camera EU

The file in it pit.bin looks like this : 0TIP00_1 , hex = 3054495030305F31B80B010000000000000000003D66180000000000

Then i saved one game at time and compared the file HNB_.lst .


HNGP (484e4750)  Nintendo DSi Browser  ,,    HNB_.lst =                 PGNH , end = 0400000028A70000
      4B484449   Foto Glitter          ,,    HNB_.lst =             IDHKPGNH , end = 04000000EBD70000
      4B475556   Flipnote Studio       ,,    HNB_.lst =         VUGKIDHKPGNH , end = 04000000A5D80000
      4B434456   Dizionario 6 in 1     ,,    HNB_.lst =     VDCKVUGKIDHKPGNH , end = 040000009E3F0000
                 Worterbuch 6 in 1
      4B554E56   Uno                   ,,    HNB_.lst = VDCKVUGKIDHKPGNHVNUK , end = 040000001FEE0000

Title update logs

Logs of title updates are available here. First scan was done on 04-12-10. checkupdates.php is run on a local offline server, and the local offline server scans for updates every hour with the script, when the local offline server is on. The source is available on this server. It checks for new versions by comparing TMD title versions downloaded via HTTP from CDN, the logs are simply a list of the titles' versions.