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Possible mistake regarding lauch dates on SW 1.4.1

Basically the system.log on my DSi states the following

Days of board initialization/setup from 29 of july of 2010 to 30 of july of 2010, installed software version 1.4.1, according to this wiki that version was released on September of that year, i mean 2 months after these dates... did they had access to software versions before being publicly released? is there a way to see the build date/release date of different software versions?

I don't want to change the wiki info before asking to see if there's a reason to this contradiction tbh

Release-dates here are for the CDN release, nothing more (see here, or ninupdates for newer sysupdates). "is there a way ..." Version_Data perhaps, would have to check that for 1.4.1 yourself though. Yellows8 (talk)

Is the first update correct?

How do we know that 1.0 was released on October 22, 2008, if the DSi was released on November 1, and the DSi uses a different NUS hostname from the Wii? Hallowizer (talk) 01:59, 25 September 2021 (CEST)