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I was doing some experiment with photo , tonight i took to black photo that are very smal 8k , 8143 byte and compared them , apart the exif data/time i discovered that they differ slightly because the black its a repeated pattern

A0028 A0028 A0028 A0028 0028A 0028A 0028A 0028A 028A0 028A0 028A0 028A0 28A00 28A00 28A00 28A00 8A002 8A002 8A002 8A002

This is the real difference just few bytes

HNI_0015.JPG at offet 018a to 01a5



HNI_0016.JPG at offet 018a to 01a5



Could be an encrypted key , or HMAC , who knows

It's a MAC + random IV (that's why they differ). -Remark 10:58, 6 January 2010 (UTC)

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