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The DSi System Menu with a title inserted.

The System Menu (DSi Menu) is software shipped pre-installed on every DSi which allows the launching of games from official Nintendo certified game carts, "channels", or DSiWare titles. It runs a GUI similar to the Wii's "Wii Menu". The DSi runs in permission modes similar to the Wii, where running in backwards compatibility mode turns off extra hardware and down-clocks the CPU. Using the power button you can soft reset to return to the menu while in game (or in a DSi application), similar to the "Home Menu" on the Wii. Game carts can also be hot-swapped while in the menu.

The Nintendo DSi Menu updates are done as separate titles rather than different versions of the same title like the Wii. Each DSi Menu begins with the System ID "00030017" followed by the hexadecimal representation of its TitleID.

Region TitleID Hex
Japan HNAJ 00030017-484E414A
USA HNAE 00030017-484E4145
Europe / AUS HNAP 00030017-484E4150
Unknown Region HNAU 00030017-484E4155


Version JAP USA EUR AUS KOR Release date Changelog CDN Availability CDN Post Date
1.0 ? ? ? ? ? October 22, 2008 First Update to Japanese Region DSi System Menu ? October 22, 2008
1.2 ? ? ? ? ? December 18, 2008 Second Update to Japanese Region DSi System Menu ? December 18, 2008
1.3 ? ? ? ? ? Launch Day (USA, EUR, AUS) Added a "start DSi Camera" button [more here] ? March 25, 2009 (JAP); March 26, 2009 (USA, EUR, AUS)
1.4 ? ? ? ? ? July 29, 2009 (JAP); July 30, 2009 (EUR, AUS); August 3, 2009 (USA) Facebook support to share photos [more here] ? July 26, 2009 (JAP, EUR, AUS); August 3, 2009 (USA)

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