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  • {{Infobox homebrew ...brew. It is commonly launched through [[List of DSi Exploits|nonpersistent exploits]], although it can also be launched using [[Unlaunch]] for convenience.
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  • This '''list''' is designed to be a updated collection of current DSi mode homebrew. ==Regarding the current state of DSi mode homebrew in general==
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  • .... You can even use it to load homebrew (using the Flipnote Lenny or Ugopwn exploits)!
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  • '''A:''' Getting unsigned "homebrew" code running on the Nintendo DSi in native DSi mode. an Arudino chip. This will lead to further - and easier to replicate - exploits, such as [[Sudokuhax]]. For people on the latest firware 1.4.5, ther is [[U
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  • This is a (incomplete) list of homebrew exploits for the DSi. Please help complete this page! You can help by editing this p ==List of Exploits==
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  • This page is dedicated to the listing of exploits for the Nintendo DSi. Anyone may contribute to this list. This page my not, == Type of exploits ==
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  • '''DSi Enhanced Exploits [[DSi exploits]]''' been used to make the DSi run custom code in DSi mode and the first DSi homebrew. So far it has only been done on My Healthy Cooking Coach and Classic Word
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  • The savegame exploits found in DSi enhanced games make it possible to run homebrew code, but there is a slight problem: the EEPROM can't contain much code.
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  • A language homebrew developers program in. Also a programming language that is used to make eve An object oriented language homebrew developers program in. Like its name suggests, C++ is essentially a step up
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