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(sandbox with possible future main page, still needs a lot from wiibrew, please help, i am going to bed)
(Removing all content from page)
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{{:Main Page/Header}}
{{:Main Page/Banner}}
{{Main page box|Welcome!|Main Page/Welcome}}
{{:Main Page/Welcome}}
<div style="float:left; width:54%;">
{{Main page box|Latest news|DSIBrew:News}}
{{box-footer|[[DSibrew:News/Archive|Archives]] - [http://feed43.com/wiibrew-latestnews.xml RSS feed]}}
<div style="float:right; width:45%">
{{Main page box|Latest homebrew releases|DSiBrew:Homebrew releases}}
{{DSiBrew:Homebrew releases}}
{{box-footer|[[Wiibrew:Homebrew Releases|Archives]] - [http://feed43.com/wiibrew-latesthomebrew.xml RSS feed]}}
{{Main page box|Navigation|Main Page/Navigation}}
{{:Main Page/Navigation}}

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