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Nintendo DSi Shop is an application to buy DSi applications/games with Nintendo DSi Points.

This connects to and uses the user agent:

  • Opera/9.50 (Nintendo; Opera/154; U; Nintendo DS; en)

which means again nintendo have used opera in the shop channel


Used to download DSiWare from Nintendo. Anything from applications to video games. DSiWare is either: Free, 200, 500 or Premium (800) Nintendo Points. Until October, users who connect to DSi Shop for the first time receive 1,000 DSi points.

At this time, on an American DSi, it is possible to change the region of your shop channel by changing the region of your DSi in the setting

Do NOT try to reclaim your 1000 points by deleting your shop channel account simply because you used them on a DSiware game you disliked or anything like that, you'll simply lose all your DSiware games and will be left with 0 points.

While the Wii uses a simple SOAP command to retrieve the latest system titles, it appears that the DSi may have SSL certificates required to do so, and that these may be present in the DSi Shop Channel contents when decrypted.

Version History

Version JAP USA EUR AUS KOR Release date Changelog CDN Availability CDN Post Date
4.0 1024 (0x400) X X X X October 22, 2008 First Update to Japanese Region DSi Shop v1024 (0x400) (JAP Only) October 22, 2008
5.0 1280 (0x500) X X X X December 18, 2008 Second Update to Japanese Region DSi Shop v1280 (0x500) (JAP Only) December 18, 2008
6.0 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) 1536 (0x600) X Launch Day (USA, EUR, AUS) Third Update To DSi Shop, USA - EUR Launch Day v1536 (0x600) (All Regions) March 25, 2009 (JAP); March 26, 2009 (USA, EUR, AUS)
7.0 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) 1792 (0x700) X July 29, 2009 (JAP); July 30, 2009 (EUR, AUS); August 3, 2009 (USA) Fourth Update to DSi Shop All Regions v1792 (0x700) (JAP, EUR, AUS) July 26, 2009 (JAP, EUR, AUS); August 3, 2009 (USA)

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