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If i remember correctly, HNHA.bin is a file stored in the DSi (NAND fs ?), that contains a list of white listed DS games.

Basic HNHA.bin File Structure

The file consists in one header, a list of Titles and a footer.

Header Structure

The header is 136 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 4 An ID (NDHT)
0x04 80 Unknown
0x84 4 Number of titles in file

Title Structure

A title is 48 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 4 The title ID
0x04 4 The title version
0x08 20 The first SHA-1 sum
0x1C 20 The second SHA-1 sum

Footer Structure

The footer is 24 bytes.

Start Length Description
0x00 24 Unknown