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Address Size Description
0x02fffe00 0x160 ntrheader
0x02ffe000 0x1000 twlheader
0x02000400 0x220 Default RAM system settings address
0x02fffdfc 4 Ptr to RAM system settings

RAM system settings structure format:(Sections in this structure not listed here are zero, sample data is included in descriptions.)

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 Unknown, bit 3 is set when wireless comms are enabled, clear when comms are disabled(0x0f)
0x3 0x1 Unknown(0x01)
0x5 0x1 Country code, same as Wii country codes
0x6 0x3 Unknown, byte at 0x6 might be related to country code?(Offset 0x6 US: 0x01 Canada: 0x02 Offset 0x7: 0x09 0x74)
0xa 0x2 u16 unknown(0x33d)
0x10 0x1 Flags? When bit0 is set, EULA was accepted, when clear it wasn't accepted.
0x1a 0x2 Unknown, language code?(0x70e for English, 0x20f for French)
0x30 0x10 Unknown
0x44 0x1 Favorite color
0x46 0x2 Bytes for birthday, month and day, respectively
0x48 0x10 UCS-2 nickname, max 8 characters
0x5e 0x38 UCS-2 message, max 28 characters
0x94 0x1 Parental controls flags?(Parental controls fields are all zero when not in use)
0x9b 0x1 Unknown(0x01)
0x9c 0x1 Years of age for the highest permitted rating?
0x9e 0x1 Unknown(0x06)
0xa1 0x4 Parental Controls PIN(ASCII)
0xa6 0x40 UCS-2 Parental Controls secret answer for PIN reminder, max 32 characters
0x1e2 0x2 Checksum over offset 0x1e4 size 12 bytes, uses BIOS_GetCRC16.