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UTL-CPU-01 testpoints

number name (TWL testpoint) short name (some TWL PCBs) voltage standard comment
TP2 VIN ≃5V DC External charger power input
TP3 Rosc ? ?
TP4 RICHG RCG ? Recharge?
TP5 GND GND ground (near external charger connector)
TP6 VDD12 V12 1.2V power rail CPU-TWL core voltage
TP7 BT+ battery + at 2-pin power connector to UTL-SUB-01
TP8 VDET- VDT- ? ?
TP9 DET DT ? ?
TP10 VDD18 V18 1.8V power rail Various I/O and core voltage (incl. RTC)
TP11 ? ? something charging?
TP12 VDD10 V10 10V power rail For LCDs
TP13 VDD33 V33 3.3V power rail Various I/O and core voltage
TP14 GND GND ground (near PMIC)
TP15 B+ ? battery + ?
TP16 VDD-5 V-5 -5V power rail For LCDs
TP18 VDD5 V5 5.0V power rail For LCDs
TP19 SG? ? ?
TP20 BLA1 BA1 ? backlight anode for lower screen
TP21 VDD42? V42? 4.2V? power rail (it's certainly a power rail) generated from VDD5 using diode voltage drops? (to D6, C22, D3)
TP22 BLC1 BC1 ? backlight cathode for lower screen
TP23 BLA2 BA2 ? backlight anode for upper screen
(TP24, TP25 don't exist)
TP26 BLC2 BC2 ? backlight cathode for upper screen
(TP27 doesn't exist)
TP28 MIC- ground same net as (analog) ground
TP29 MIC+ analog Analog microphone-in signal
TP30 SPRP analog positive signal for right built-in speaker
TP31 SPRN analog negative signal for right built-in speaker
TP32 SPLP analog positive signal for left built-in speaker
TP33 SPLN analog negative signal for left built-in speaker
TP34 GND GND ground probably analog ground
TP35 SR analog headphone tip
TP36 SL analog headphone ring
(TP37, TP38 don't exist)
TP39 ORANGE ORG 3V3? 4V2? (at anode) Orange LED charging indicator
TP40 BLUE BLE 3V3? 4V2? (at anode) Blue LED power good indicator
TP41 RED open collector (connected to LED cathode) Red LED battery low indicator
TP42 MC1_IO7 M1_7 3V3 MSB of gamecard parallell ROM *or* AUXSPI COPI signal
TP43 MC1_IO6 M1_6 3V3 6th bit of gamecard parallell ROM *or* AUXSPI CIPO signal
TP44 MC1_VCC M1_V 3.3V power power supply to gamecard (can be switched off by SoC)
(TP45 doesn't exist)
TP46 MC1_IO5 M1_5 3V3
TP47 MC1_IO4 M1_4 3V3
TP48 MC1_IO3 M1_3 3V3
TP49 MC1_DET M1_DT 3V3 Cartridge detected in slot (active-low)
TP50 MC1_IO2 M1_2 3V3
TP51 MC1_IREQ M1_IRQ 3V3 gamecart->SoC IRQ
TP52 MC1_IO1 M1_1 3V3
TP53 MC1_RES M1_RES 3V3 SoC->gamecart reset signal
TP54 MC1_IO0 M1_0 3V3
TP55 MC1_CS M1_CS 3V3 parallell ROM select (active-low)
TP57 MC1_CS2 M1_CS2 3V3 AUXSPI select (active-low)
TP58 /mRST 3V3 BPTWL reset (active-low)
TP59 mFE 3V3 BPTWL flash enable (cf. 78K0/Kx2 Serial Flash Programming protocol, see NEC/Renesas docs)
TP60 VOLP VLP 3V3 volume + button (also RxD6 for 78K0 SFP. There's a series resistor to the physical button as protection against shorts)
TP61 VOLN VLN 3V3 volume - button (also TxD6 for 78K0 SFP. There's a series resistor to the physical button as protection against shorts)
TP62 ATH_TX_H A_T_H 3V3 AR6002 ANTD, "Control signal for shared antenna switch", probably enables Ath TX antenna
TP63 WL_TXPE WL_T 3V3 Old Wifi TX enable?
(TP64 doesn't exist)
TP65 WL_RXPE WL_R 3V3 Old Wifi RX enable?
TP66 /WIFI_RST /WF_RST 3V3 New WiFi (Ath6k) reset (active-low)
(TP67, TP68 don't exist)
(TP70 doesn't exist)
(TP72 doesn't exist)
(TP74, TP75 don't exist)
TP76 SPI_CS1 SPI_C1 3V3 SPI chip select 1 (PMIC)
(TP77 doesn't exist)
TP78 SPI_CS3 SPI_C3 3V3 SPI chip select 3 (TSC)
TP79 SPI_CS2 SPI_C2 3V3 SPI chip select 2 (NVRAM)
TP80 SCL 1V8 CPU-TWL bus
(TP81 doesn't exist)
TP82 SDA 1V8 CPU-TWL bus
TP83 PENIRQ PNIRQ 1V8? 3V3? touchscreen pen down
TP84 R7 1V8? hinge magnet detect signal (active-low)
TP85 RESET RST 3V3, but use as open drain/collector CPU-TWL reset signal
TP86 P05 3V3? dpad left button
TP87 P04 3V3? dpad right button
TP88 P03 3V3? start button
TP89 P02 3V3? select button
TP90 P01 3V3? B button
TP91 P00 3V3? A button
TP92 PM_SLP ? ?
TP93 VCNT5 ? ?
TP94 GPIO330? 330? 3V3 GPIO debug testpoint
TP95 R01 ? Y button
TP96 R00 ? X button
TP97 P09 3V3 shoulder-L button
TP98 P08 3V3 shoulder-R button
TP99 MUTE 3V3 ? (controlled by GPIO333 through U17)
TP100 P07 3V3? dpad down button
TP101 HP#SP H#S 3V3 audio out is headphones (1) or speakers (0). aka GPIO331
TP102 P06 3V3? dpad up button
(TP103 doesn't exist)
TP104 /IRQ_O? 3V3 "powerbutton pressed" signal from the BPTWL to the CPU-TWL. aka GPIO332
TP105 LDR20 LR20 top LCD R.bit0
TP106 LDR21 LR21 top LCD R.bit1
TP107 LDR22 LR22 top LCD R.bit2
TP108 LDR23 LR23 top LCD R.bit3
TP109 LDR24 LR24 top LCD R.bit4
TP110 LDB21 LB21 top LCD B.bit1
TP111 LDG21 LG21 top LCD G.bit1
TP112 LDG22 LG22 top LCD G.bit2
TP113 LDG25 LG25 top LCD G.bit5
TP114 LDB20 LB20 top LCD B.bit0
TP115 LDB23 LB23 top LCD B.bit3
TP116 LDR11 LR11 bottom LCD R.bit1
TP117 LDR12 LR12 bottom LCD R.bit4
TP118 LDR15 LR15 bottom LCD R.bit5
TP119 LDR25 LR25 top LCD R.bit5
TP120 LDG20 LG20 top LCD G.bit2
TP121 LDG23 LG23 top LCD G.bit3
TP122 LDG24 LG24 top LCD G.bit4
TP123 LDB22 LB22 top LCD B.bit2
TP124 LDB24 LB24 top LCD B.bit4
TP125 LDB25 LB25 top LCD B.bit5
TP126 LDR10 LR10 bottom LCD R.bit0
TP127 LDR13 LR13 bottom LCD R.bit3
TP128 LDR14 LR14 bottom LCD R.bit4
TP129 LDG10 LG10 bottom LCD G.bit0
TP130 LDG11 LG11 bottom LCD G.bit1
TP131 LDG12 LG12 bottom LCD G.bit2
TP132 LDG13 LG13 bottom LCD G.bit3
TP133 LDG15 LG15 bottom LCD G.bit5
TP134 LDB11 LB11 bottom LCD B.bit1
TP135 LDG14 LG14 bottom LCD G.bit4
TP136 LDB10 LB10 bottom LCD B.bit0
TP137 COM2 ? ?
TP138 LDB12 LB12 bottom LCD B.bit2
TP139 LDB13 LB13 bottom LCD B.bit3
TP140 LDB14 LB14 bottom LCD B.bit4
TP141 LDB15 LB15 bottom LCD B.bit5
TP142 INI ? LCD controller ?
TP143 GSP LCD controller Vsync?
TP144 GCK ? LCD controller ?
TP145 REV LCD controller ?
TP146 LS LCD controller Hsync?
TP147 SPL LCD controller ?
TP148 DCLK DCK LCD controller dot clock
TP149 CAM_RST CM_RST 1V8? Camera reset signal
TP150 COM1 ? ?
(TP151 doesn't exist)
TP152 CAM_D4 CM_D4 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA7, 270Ω)
TP153 HSYNC 1V8? Camera horizontal sync/blank (conn. thru R133, 0Ω) (Aptina MT9V133-D LINE_VALID, active-low)
TP154 CAM_D3 CM_D3 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA6, 270Ω)
TP155 VSYNC 1V8? Camera vertical sync/blank (conn. thru R132, 0Ω) (Aptina MT9V133-D FRAME_VALID, active-low)
TP156 CKI 1V8? Camera clock something? (Aptina MT9V133-D EXTCLK? PIXCLK?)
TP157 CAM_D2 CM_D2 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA6, 270Ω)
TP158 CAM_D7 CM_D7 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA7, 270Ω)
TP159 CAM_D1 CM_D1 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA6, 270Ω)
TP160 X+ ? touchscreen
TP161 Y+ ? touchscreen
TP162 X- ? touchscreen, same net as Y-
TP163 Y- ? touchscreen, same net as X-
TP164 CAM_D6 CM_D6 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA7, 270Ω)
TP165 CAM_D0 CM_D0 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA6, 270Ω)
TP166 RCLK RCK 1V8? Camera (conn. thru R100, 100Ω) (Aptina MT9V133-D EXTCLK? PIXCLK?)
TP167 CAM_D5 CM_D5 1V8? Camera parallell port (conn. thru RA7, 270Ω)
TP168 VDD28 V28 2.8V power rail Only used by the camera. Generated by an LDO (U12) from VDD33 (Aptina MT9V133-D analog power rail?)
(TP169 doesn't exist)
TP170 CAM_LED CM_LED Camera LED cathode? Connected through Q13 and R68 to BPTWL.
TP171 RTC_INT RC_INT 1V8? RTC->CPU-TWL interrupt
TP172 SD10_CLK S10_CK 3V3 SD card
TP173 SD10_DATA0 S10_D0 3V3 SD card
TP174 SD10_DATA1 S10_D1 3V3 SD card
TP175 SD10_DATA2 S10_D2 3V3 SD card
TP176 SD10_DATA3 S10_D3 3V3 SD card
TP177 SD10_CMD S10_CD 3V3 SD card
TP178 SD10_CP S10_CP 3V3 SD card (card detect)
TP179 SD10_WP S10_WP 3V3 SD card write protect
TP180 GND GND ground
(TP181 doesn't exist)
TP182 SD10_VDD S10_V 3.3V power rail same net as VDD33
TP183 AOUT charging/battery status ?
TP184 ADPO charging/battery status ?
TP185 SCL1 3V3 BPTWL bus
TP186 SDA1 3V3 BPTWL bus
TP187 SND_SDI SND_DI 1V8 I2S bus
TP188 SND_SDO SND_DO 1V8 I2S bus
TP189 SND_WS 1V8 I2S bus
TP190 SND_SCLK aka BCLK SND_BK 1V8 I2S bus
TP191 SND_MCLK SND_MK 1V8 Reference frequency for TSC
TP192 PWSWO PSWO 3V3? powerbutton "output" from PMIC to BPTWL?
TP193 TH ? battery internal temperature detector?
TP194 VSHD 5.0V power rail Same net as VDD5. For LCDs.

UTL-SUB-01 testpoints

number name (TWL testpoint) voltage standard comment
TP1 ? ? to TH1 component
TP2 GND (GND) ground
TP3 P06 3V3? D-pad up
TP4 P04 3V3? D-pad right
TP5 P05 3V3? D-pad left
TP6 P07 3V3? D-pad down
TP7 PWSW ? raw powerbutton input (to PMIC and BPTWL)
TP8 RED open collector (at cathode) Battery low LED (DL1)
TP9 YELLOW open collector (at cathode) WiFi indicator LED (DL4)
TP10 BLUE 3V3? 4V2? (at anode) Power on/good LED (DL2)
TP11 ORANGE 3V3? 4V2? (at anode) Charging indicator (DL3)
TP12 VDD42 4.2V power supply Power supply for TP8/TP10 LEDs

P16 pinout

The P16 pinout changed from what it was on the regular DSi. Some nets are now found in P24 instead (see below).

name pin no pin no name
SD10_CLK 7 8 GND
VDD33 9 10 SD10_D0
VDD33 11 12 SD10_D1
GND 13 14 SD10_WP
SD10_CMD 15 16 VDD33
GND 17 18 P08
SD10_D3 19 20 VDD33
SD10_D2 21 22 SD10_CD
GND 23 24 GND
GND 25 26 GND

P24 pinout

P24 is a mezzanine connector for the VOLP/VOLN buttons and the shoulder L button (which were on P16 on the DSi).

name pin no pin no name
N/C 3 4 VOLP
P09 (shoulder-L) 5 6 VOLN
GND 7-13 8-14 GND