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  • 11 May 20 devkitPro have announced devkitARM release 54
  • 1 April 20 zoogie has released petit-compwner, a primary exploit for the DSiWare title, "Petit Computer".
  • 27 May 19 Shutterbug2000 has released Memory Pit, a new DSi system applet exploit for the Nintendo DSi Camera.
  • 10 April 19 zoogie has released SystemFlaaw, the (possibly) first public DSi-Exclusive Cart exploit for the game, SystemFlaw.
  • 2 March 19 ChampionLeake released UNO*pwn, a UNO DSiWare exploit to support USA, EUR, and JPN region consoles.
  • 23 February 19 nocash released no$gba v2.9d, even more further improvements for DSi debugging and added 3DS register specs.
  • 12 February 19 ChampionLeake announces/teases UNO*pwn, a UNO DSiWare exploit that's coming to all regions (US, EUR, & JPN).
  • 08 February 19 shutterbug2000 announces/teases failZone, a upcoming DSiWare System Applet exploit for Nintendo Zone DSi
  • 08 February 19 nocash released no$gba v2.9c, even more further improvements for DSi support.
  • 06 June 18 WinterMute released FlipNote ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), a re-engineering of ugopwn to support eur/jpn & usa consoles,
  • 23 April 18 Nocash released Unlaunch, The first ever (released) bootcode exploit for the DSi, It gives full SCFG_EXT access rights on boot.
  • 08 November 17 shutterbug2000 re-released Ugopwn, a DSi homebrew exploit with NAND access (and 1.4.5 support!!) first DSi homebrew exploit in AGES
  • 23 July 17 Martin Korth released no$gba v2.8b, further improving DSi support.
  • 02 July 17 Apache Thunder announced RocketLauncher, the vapourware exploit with unlocked Arm7, and also the first DSi exploit in years!
  • 01 June 15 Martin Korth released no$gba v2.8b, allowing to run the whole DSi boot process in the emulator/debugger.
  • 11 February 15 WinterMute released updated dslink. Now working with System Menu 1.4.5.
  • 11 December 12 Nintendo released System Menu 1.4.5.*25 August 11 Team Twiizers released the final DSiWareHax.
  • 29 June 11 Nintendo released System Menu 1.4.3 in all regions, blocking flash-cards.
  • 10 May 11 Nintendo released a new system update, System Menu 1.4.2, globally. This blocks flash cards, and blocks copying all current and future DSiWare exploits to "internal memory".(A final Sudokuhax update will be released at same time as the final DSiWareHax mentioned in that post)
  • 24 March 11 An updated USA Sudoku was released, which fixed all Sudoku string bugs. On roughly March 30 2011, EUR Sudoku was updated.
  • 28 January 11 19 and 24 hours after the Sudokuhax release Nintendo removed EA's Sudoku from the EUR/AU and USA DSi Shop.
  • 27 January 11 Team Twiizers released DSiWare exploit Sudokuhax, loads full DSi-mode homebrew from SD card.
  • 14 January 11 The DSi Common key has been disclosed to the public. Please do not post it here.
  • 07 September 10 Nintendo released System Menu 1.4.1 in all regions except China where System Menu 1.4.2 was released instead. This update blocks some flashcards.
  • 25 August 10 Dave J Murphy (WinterMute) released DSi Link, allowing running larger DSi mode homebrew binaries [1]
  • 9 February 10 Nintendo has released an update for the DSi System. The DSi Nintendo Zone client was updated to version 3.0, but the system still runs on System Menu 1.4. No other changes have been identified.
  • 3 August 09 Nintendo has released System Menu 1.4 in every supported country.
  • 2 August 09 The Drunken Coders have released the exploit they are using to run unsigned code in DSi mode.
  • 9 July 09: Team Twiizers successfully ran DSi-Mode Homebrew. More details can be found over at HackMii
  • 25 June 09: Voting has begun for the DSiBrew logo contest! Please cast your vote here.
  • 8 June 09: The DSiBrew logo contest is now closed to submissions.
  • 12 April 09: A DSiBrew logo contest has started.
  • 5 April 09: The Nintendo DSi has been released in North America.
  • 3 April 09: Nintendo has released System Update 1.3. DSi Shop is accessible. All DSi flashcarts still work. Added a button to start DSi Camera application when pressing L or R.
  • 3 April 09: The Nintendo DSi has been released in Europe.
  • 2 April 09: The Nintendo DSi has been released in Australia.
  • 19 February 09: Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America have announced that the DSi will be released on April 3 in Europe and April 5 in North America.
  • 25 January 09 : Bushing from Hackmii created this wiki as a spinoff of the WiiBrew wiki.