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System Menu 1.4.4 was released on 21 March 2012 for all regions.(Known as 1.4.5C for China)


  • Updated Nintendo DSi Camera, from Nintendo's update page: "This update resolves an issue that could have created connection problems when uploading photos to Facebook."
  • Blocks the Cooking Coach and Classic Word Games savedata exploits. These EEPROM exploits are dead, the only way around this is to return fake data to launcher when it reads EEPROM.
  • Blocks flashcards

Launcher checks whether the byte in the saveslot name string where the null-terminator would be is non-zero, when non-zero it's regarded as "corrupted". The Cook-Coach code checks several other things in the first saveslot data,(the same saveslot where the only player name is stored) while the Classic Word Games code only checks the string in both saveslots. When launcher finds that the saveslot is "corrupted", it overwrites the saveslot with garbage.

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